What is the difference between Machine Hair Stroke Technique and Microblading?

We do NOT microblade! And here's why;

Our hair stroke technique is preformed using the world’s finnest computerized pigmentation device.  We use only quality equipment, needles, and pigments, to achieve ultimate results. Given its high level of needle insertions per second capacity, this powerful device that is used during your procedure is suitable for cosmetic applications as well as medical applications.
The digital device allows the pigment to penetrate deeper and evenly into the skin with the machines vibrations. However, this is still semi permanent. With deeper pigment penetration, the tattoo fades more evenly and allows the clients to not have to fill in their eyebrows.
​  Digital machine hair stroke tattoo is ideal for those who don’t retain color well e.g. oily skin, mature skin, dehydrated skin and very thin skin. Dry-normal skin will always heal more crisp then other skin types and is the only ideal skin type for Microblading.

Who is NOT recommended for cosmetic tattooing?

–Insulin dependent diabetic
– Pregnant or breast feeding
– All clients must be 18 years of age or older
– Previously tattooed clients need to email me prior with pictures of previous work in clear detail so I can have a better understanding of what I will need to do.  People who have had previous work may require corrections.
– Must be off ACCUTANE for 1 year.
– History of KELOID scaring.

Will my eyebrows or eyeliner fade to blue?

No! The only time black ink will fade to blue is when the artist uses straight black pigment on the skin.   Black is not a true color, therefore over time it will fade to blue. We DO NOT use straight black on anyone.

Can I have eyelash extensions on during the eyeliner procedure?

Eyelash extension must be removed prior to any eyeliner procedure.  You must also wait for your eyeliner tattoo to fully heal before you re-apply your lash extensions, approximately 1 week MINIMUM.

Do you need to take any precautions when scheduling your lip enhancement appointment?

YES!!!  This only applies to individuals who get coldsores.  You must get a prescription for VALTREX and take 48 hours before your procedure and for the next three consecutive days following the procedure.  This also applies for every touch up.

How much do lips fade once completely healed?

Lips can fade up to 40%!!!! A 6 week touch up is a must if you want to achieve the best optimal results.  PLEASE REMEMBER during the first 3 DAYS the color will be very bright and saturated.