Hi Everyone,
My name is Frederika.  I am 31 years old and just recently relocated to Vancouver from Los Angeles. I am extremely passionate about the beauty industry and keeping up with the latest technology and techniques. Having high standards myself, I want to provide the best service for my clients. I will never offer or provide a service that I have not personally experienced. I believe in honest, quality services at a moderate price point, so everyone can experience a luxury treatment.

Do you ever wonder why we only see the immediately after results of Microblading and only very few of the completely HEALED RESULTS??? Let me tell you why…Microblading is a technique that has been around for over 1000 years. It is one of the oldest ways to implant pigment into the second layer of the skin. THAT’S IT!!!! This is not new technology. It has never evolved, and it is a current major fad. A lot of consumers feel completely ripped off after paying hundreds of dollars to be Microbladed and having been promised amazing semi permanent results. Unfortunately Microblading is ONLY ideal for someone who has dry tight skin. For those of you who have every other complexion, or an oily complexion like myself, Microblading was a FAILURE. I was left very disappointed with my healed results and felt like I got ripped off hundreds of dollars. So once again I was off on a quest to determine what was the best option for semi permanent makeup because who doesn't want to “wake up with makeup?”

After exasperating amounts of time and effort spent researching what would replace this Microblading gimmick, I came across Nouveau Contour USA. Nouveau Contour is the premier global manufacturer of professional Micropigmentation products. In all 22 countries where distributed, Nouveau Contour is the leading brand. I felt confident that this academy would give me all the tools and knowledge I needed to succeed in the PMU field.

Artistry will only take you so far. If you do not have the proper equipment, your art work will never reflect your true artistic potential. For me, Nouveau Contour was the answer to all my dilemmas in the beauty world. This is the first institution that I trained with where I actually felt like I left with a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience. I absolutely love the career I have chosen for myself and cannot wait to find the perfect team to bring together one of the best experiences you've ever had using only the latest technology and techniques in Micropigmentation.

An elite education combined with a thorough consultation will go a long way. I think it’s very important to schedule consultations and thoroughly go through all the client intake forms. I expect that after a consultation, my client would be aware of the process, the healing phases and aftercare, but most importantly the healed results.  The amazing healed results you get are truly beautiful and very natural.
I also specialize in Lash Line Enhancements.  I use a 3 or 5 point needle and implant the pigment in-between your lashes- this method gives a very natural subtle look.

The hottest up and coming trend is going to be Lip Tattoo Enhancement. Although lips take longer than any other procedure, the results you can achieve with this machine are incredible. Having an eye for mixing pigments, I can achieve a very natural ombre effect or a full powder lip effect. I also specialize in Lash Line Enhancements. I use a 3 or 5 point needle and implant the pigment in-between your lashes. This method results in a very natural subtle look.